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Vitamin A: keeps your skin glowing, wards offillness and infection
and maintains healthy vision
Vitamin B12: boosts energy levels, promotes DNA production and
optimizes brain health
Vitamin C: aids in collagen synthesis to support healthy hair and skin,
prevents cell damage and enhances immunity
Vitamin D3: supports bone health, increases calcium absorption and
boosts immunity
Vitamin E: improves heart health, prevents oxidative damage to cells
and relieves inflammation
Calcium: promotes bone formation and strength to prevent
osteoporosis and bone loss during menopause
Folate: involved in DNA replication and necessary to prevent birth
defects during pregnancy
Iron: produces healthy red blood cells to help deliver oxygen to the
Magnesium: acts as a cofactorfor over 300 enzymatic reactions and
plays a role in energy metabolism, muscle contractions and brain
Selenium: protects cells, reduces the risk ofthyroid problems and
increases male fertility


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